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    Conditional flow for Smart Campaign

      As part of a POC, I am trying to create a smart campaign with the following flow sequence:
      Step 1: Send an email to a lead
      Step 2: Send thank you email to the same lead if he has opened the first email.

      The 2
      nd step in this flow is conditional and to achieve this I have configured it as follows:
      Used the Send Email and added a choice. The choice is defined as:
      If “Opened Email” is “The email used in Step 1” then Email = thank you email

      I am also attaching the screenshot of the flow section of the Smart Campaign.

      I then ran the Smart Campaign by selecting "Run Once". I noticed that the first email gets delivered and the 2nd email is also delivered irrespective of opening the 1st email.

      Could you please let me know if I am doing anything wrong here. Basically, how can I make the 2nd step to be conditional in the flow.



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          Hi Abhishek,

          I think that there are two things you need to consider here.  

          From what I gather, you have set up the smart campaign with the second email directly after the first email which will not work for what you want as Marketo will move directly on from the first to the second without any opportunity for the lead to react.  There are two ways that I can see aroudn this.

          The first would be to add a generic wait step between the first and second email, so that you send the Thank you email if they opened the first email after a certain amount of time, you could then repeat this process as much as you wanted (i.e. wait 1 hour, is it open, yes - send email, wait 1 hour, is it open etc.)

          The second (and I think better) would be to actually create a second campaign and in that you can put the trigger "Opens Email" and then if they trigger that they get the second email.


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            Hi Simon,
            Thanks for your reply.
            I modified my campaign so that there is only 1 step wherein it sends the 1st email.
            I created a new smart campaign in which I added the trigger “Opens Email”->added the flow to send the “thank you” email and activated the campaign.
            I ran the 1st smart campaign and as a result received the email in my Microsoft Outlook application. I opened the email and waited for the “thank you” email. However, the “thank you” email didn’t come.
            I was wondering if there is something missing in the smart campaign or I am doing wrong here.
            Any pointers would be helpful.
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              Hi Abhishek,

              I would suggest that maybe it is an issue with using email open as opening will only be recorded as an open if you download the tracking image (so if you are using the text only version or not downloading images) then opens will not be recorded. If you look at your record in the DB, does it show that you opened the email?

              If that does not work then I refer this to the wider community.


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                Dory Viscogliosi
                Another thought that comes to mind, is your second campaign the one that you originally ran, and someone is only able to run through this 1x? If so, then you're likely being prevented from flowing through again.