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How to add a lead to stream 2 of an engagement program

Question asked by 61100 on Dec 18, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2014 by 02ef03062fe565650de9c553421bff4cdc141f14
I have an engagement program with two streams. The streams have identical content. The only difference is one stream is set to go out weekly on Mondays, the other stream on Thursdays.

I want to be able to put leads into one or the other stream, depending on when the lead is generated through our inbound activities. I set up a smart campaign and list to put leads straight into stream 2, but when I run it, the leads are automatically put into the engagement program, and by default are added to stream 1. I tried running a Change Engagement Stream campaign to move the test lead from stream 1 to stream 2 but it didn't work.

Does anyone have any recommendations?