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Tracking Original Lead Source

Question asked by e49ad502b1c12208ce290fd06f6c325259bf0a29 on Dec 15, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2014 by Josh Hill
Suppose I have an asset on a 3rd Party Website. When a lead clicks on the "Download Now" button, he/she gets taken to my company website and is asked to fill out a form. I want to track total leads and net new leads downloading that asset. But I'm having a hard time separating out the organic website visitors from the visitors coming from the 3rd party website. 

I've put a querystring on the 3rd party website as well as the company website, but how do I separate out the leads? What's happening is that the querystring for the leads coming in from the 3rd party website is getting overwritten by the querystring for the organic visitors.

Is there a way to track the originating point of a particular lead? Just wondering how companies tackle this problem.