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I set up tokens at the folder level, and now can't clone the folder - should I set tokens up at the program level?

Question asked by b6ef7f73b2351422d1ddff0acf81fddef32a63bf on Nov 26, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2014 by b6ef7f73b2351422d1ddff0acf81fddef32a63bf
I had my first succesful program - yay! I went in to clone the whole folder today - it has several programs including a white paper and a webinar. But when I learned that you can't clone folders!

I'd set up tokens at the folder level so that each program - email, webinar, nurture - could inherit the same tokens. 

Was that the wrong thing to do? Was I supposed to set up tokens at the program level?

That seems strange - then I have to duplicate tokens across the folder at each program. 

Going to be cloning each program one-by-one now, and recreating the tokens at each program - unless you have a better suggestion!