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Issue with engaged status inside my program

Question asked by Cecile Maindron on Dec 4, 2014
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I have a Web Content program that is both hosting global assets and also tracking results from Website.
Program has 2 statuses : "not in program" and "engaged".
In my program, I have a series of campaigns:
00-Send TY Email
01-Engaged (Influenced) > this campaign is adding the Engaged Status
02-Acquisition Channel
03-Acquisition Program
04-Lead Source
05-Lead Source Details

I would like that the 00 campaign is triggered each time a lead fills out a form but the other campaigns are triggered only when form does not contain querystring from emailing, social media or SEM.

I was expecting to see Members = total of TY email sent and Engaged = Total of Filled out forms from Website.

However after running several tests, it seems that I have Members = Engaged = Success = total of TY email sent. Is that normal? How can I only have the filled out forms from website as Engaged?
Should I create another status (for instance invited) to add to the TY Email campaign so that ALL members will be invited but only web members will be engaged?

Cécile @ Talend