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    Interesting Moments

      We have noticed lately when viewing interesting moments in SalesForce it is showing that the leads have clicked on every link in the email. This has to be an error. What can be done to fix this?
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          Adam Vavrek
          Can you share with us what the Smart Campaign looks like?
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            Here is a screenshot
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              Hey Casey,
              I would look in the lead's activity log in Marketo. You should see an "Interesting Moment" activity for every "Click Link" you see in Sales Insight. In this activity log, you should also see if there are actually that many "Click Email" activities as there are interesting moments.

              If the number of Click Email activities matches the number of Interesting Moments, you know that all these interesting moments are legitimate. 

              If there is a mismatch, I would investigate the campaign(s) that is creating the interesting moments to see what is going wrong.

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                Dan Stevens
                More and more corporate spam filters click on every link in an email before validating and sending it to the appropriate recipient.  We see a lot of this with specific organizations like AT&T.  So not only are "opens" a very unreliable metric/KPI, I'm afraid "clicks" are becoming less reliable as well.
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                  Echo what Dan Stevens said. We're seeing this more and more. What we've done is used "clicked link in email" with a constraint of "minimum number of times" > 1.
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