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Complex Knock Out Criteria Forms 2.0

Question asked by 793a10c060141d1cae728ec6904fbc3654da27c5 on Nov 18, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2014 by 793a10c060141d1cae728ec6904fbc3654da27c5
I have 2 questions with regards to knock out criteria on forms 2.0.
  1. On forms 2.0 I can include some knock out criteria, but they are always based on 1 question. How can I include a knockout criterion that is more complex as it consists of 2 questions, of which one is even a date which seems be posing an even bigger issue.
So let’s say I want to send a lead to a specific external URL (knock out) if the lead answers that the country of interest (first question) is “USA” and the age is “29”. So both questions represent 1 knock out criteria. How can I tell that Mkto?
  1. On forms 2.0 I can include knock out criteria in the “Advanced Thank You page settings”. Though, it seems I can only include choices which would mean that a lead only needs to fulfill one of the criteria that is listed as a choice.
But what if I have the scenario that the first three questions of my form are knock out criteria of which the lead only needs to fulfill one to be knocked out (these are choices, that’s fine) but if the lead fulfills one of the first three knockouts AND the fourth question (another knock out criteria). In this case the lead would need to be send to a different thank you page than a lead that only fulfills one of the first three knock out criteria.
Different forms are not really an option as these questions need to be on one form and I have already three forms in the entire campaign, so I don’t want to make it an even longer process.
I believe that Mkto is sophisticated enough to accommodate these needs which I can’t imagine are that unusual. I hope that somebody here can help me and look forward to your suggestions.