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Unable to approve template even after validating HTML

Question asked by Eric Heitz on Nov 26, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2014 by Eric Heitz

Getting this error when attempting to approve a template: "One or more mktEditable sections have errors. Make sure you have at least one and that they all have valid IDs."

Each area has a different ID and the HTML is valid.
Can I nest the DIVs outside the table tag?

Here is some sample code from my template, using the ZURB Ink format:

<table class="row">
                      <td class="wrapper last">
                      <div class="mktEditable" id="image-left">
                        <table class="twelve columns">
                            <td class="four sub-columns text-pad">
                              <img src="" alt="" class="center">
                              <small class="show-for-desktop">caption here</small>
                            </td><td class="eight sub-columns last left-text-pad">
                              <h5>Headline Here!</h5>
                              <p>A fairly common use case for the container is to give your text a white background to separate it from a colored email body. To assist with this design pattern, we've included three helper classes with Ink: .text-pad, .left-text-pad and .right-text-pad.</p>
                            <td class="expander"></td>

Any help would be great!