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    Unable to approve template even after validating HTML

    Eric Heitz

      Getting this error when attempting to approve a template: "One or more mktEditable sections have errors. Make sure you have at least one and that they all have valid IDs."

      Each area has a different ID and the HTML is valid.
      Can I nest the DIVs outside the table tag?

      Here is some sample code from my template, using the ZURB Ink format:

      <table class="row">
                            <td class="wrapper last">
                            <div class="mktEditable" id="image-left">
                              <table class="twelve columns">
                                  <td class="four sub-columns text-pad">
                                    <img src="http://placehold.it/200x155" alt="" class="center">
                                    <small class="show-for-desktop">caption here</small>
                                  </td><td class="eight sub-columns last left-text-pad">
                                    <h5>Headline Here!</h5>
                                    <p>A fairly common use case for the container is to give your text a white background to separate it from a colored email body. To assist with this design pattern, we've included three helper classes with Ink: .text-pad, .left-text-pad and .right-text-pad.</p>
                                  <td class="expander"></td>

      Any help would be great!