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    Using Tokens from .XLS file

    Courtney May
      I'm not sure if I am even asking the right question, but I'd like to setup an email and marketing activity that uses the lead information but cross references one of those data fields to information in a .xls document.

      I do not want to import all of the data from the document into the individual lead fields.

      For example, I am sending out collection notices for some of my leads/contacts. I want to use data (it's extensive amounts) from a .xls sheet specific to multiple leads/contacts and pull that into the email that will run through a marketing campaign.

      Does that make sense? I do not use data.com or Salesforce (correctly at the moment). 

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          Josh Hill
          So you have values in an XLSX that correspond to existing email addresses in marketo, yes?

          Is that data in a column or field in SFDC or in Marketo already? Ideally, you would have fields in Marketo to drop the XLSX data into, then use the corresponding token to place that in the email:

          Dear {{lead.First Name}},

          Amount Paid: {{lead.Amount Paid}}
          Amount Owed: {{lead.Amount Owed}}

          Please pay now.


          Now it may be possible to use the API or email scripting to draw the data in from an XLSX, however, this does not sound like an easy thing to do nor desirable. Is there a reason you do not want to import the data to Marketo?

          btw, this is a Marketing Activities post.
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            Courtney May
            Thank you for such a quick and detailed response.

            Unfortuantely, the data isn't just Amount Paid or Amount Owed, but
            Guest Name
            Confirmation Number
            Check-In Date
            Number of Nights
            USD Revenue

            There could be upwards of 30+ of each of these data fields for each contact (multiple guests with corresponding confirmation numbers, etc). And there is no maximum to how many outstanding items there could be so we would have to build {lead.Amount Paid1} and so on.

            Plus we may need to do this in an ongoing way where the data is changing but the lead stays the same.

            This is also not a one time process sending these notices.

            Is it possible to use the API or email scripting to draw the data in from an XLSX? Is there documentation I should review?

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              Kenny Elkington
              Hey Courtney,

              You can do this through the API, replacing My Tokens in a program with customized content from your imported file: http://developers.marketo.com/documentation/rest/import-lead/