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"View as web page" should be considered an Opened Email event, not a Clicked Email

Question asked by Sanford Whiteman on Nov 10, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2014 by Sanford Whiteman
It doesn't really make sense that clicking the "View as web page" link gets logged as "Clicked email" since what the lead is actually doing is viewing the email, exactly akin to what happens if they view the message in their e-mail client and download the tracking beacon.  In fact the inability/unwillingness to download images and thus get a "traditional" Opened Email activity could be the reason they click "View as web page."

Having these two types of event mashed together as "Clicked email" makes analytics difficult.  While we can filter by the landing page domain to see which clicks weren't really clicks outside of the e-mail content, it seems needlessly cumbersome to me.

Can someone from Marketo shed light on why this is done, and whether there's any plans to change it?