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Using cURL to retrieve forms

Question asked by a781c5c44a3d95d131f1d1339370663a6f66af21 on Nov 10, 2014
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We are using cURL to retreive a Marketo landing page and modifying the returned html before displaying it for the user to complete and submit. We are doing this for two reasons, one is to modify the url of the thank you page, the other is to perform export control checking before redirecting to a thank you page url that contains downloadable software,

As part of the cURL request we include the value of the _mkto_trk cookie from the user's original request. So the _mkto_trk cookie that goes with the cURL requst is the one that came from the user's browser.  We have recieved several complaints recently that the forms are prefilling with the wrong user's information. The user's are reaching our landing page from a link in a Facebook ad.

Is there something we are missing in the process that is causing the form to prefill with the wrong information?