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    Reporting on leads in a specific cast

    Andy Varshneya

      Is there any way I can report on the leads expected to receive a specific email during the next cast in an engagement program?

      We made some changes to one of the emails so I want to see how the changes impact the engagement. However, before we do that I also want to do a quick snapshot of what that audience looks like and if it would be a good representative of the whole database or not.

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          Nathan Allison
          I'd be interested to hear if there's an out of the box report that can look at cast members as well.  The only thing I can think of to identify leads in an engagement program in line to receive a specific email would be to set up a smart list that looks at Member of Engagement Program X, then add a second filter for Was Sent and plug in the email that went out right before the one coming up.  It's not perfect and if you've changed the order of your content in the track since the last one went out it wouldn't be accurate, but I don't otherwise think there is a report that will tell you who is scheduled to receive email X in the next cast.
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            Is this really not possible to see how many people are waiting to go out in the next cast per email? Right now if looking at a stream and change the view to "Leads" underneath the email I see "All Casts" and "Last Cast". It would be great to see a "Next Cast" number.

            I understand that Marketo calculates this on a real-time basis when the next cast is ready to go out - but maybe there can be a refresh button available to real-time calculate it so we can see how many are waiting to go out on the next cast per email? 
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