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    Do you still do lead-routing in SFDC and not Marketo?

      I know the consensus prior to 2.0 was that all lead routing (auto-assigning leads from contact-us form to sales people) should be done on SFDC and not Marketo. But with 2.0, are there still additional advantages to auto-assigning leads in SFDC? If anything, one of our businesses prefers doing it in Marketo since SFDC limits the total number of rules that can be written.

      There's ambiguity on this topic -- I'm leading our company's implementation of Marketo lead routing logic to sales teams and can't see any differences between the 2 options. I'm more experience with Marketo so that would be the easier option but wondering if doing it in SFDC would make long-term maintenance easier.

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          Grant Booth

          Hi Joe,

          I think the main difference is that in SFDC, you can set up universal rules that apply for every single lead coming in unless told specifically to assign to someone else.
          In Marketo, leads can be synced up to SFDC from a variety of sources - multiple campaigns and the Marketo Program to SFDC Campaign sync for example. If you're using the program sync, there's no way to set who it gets assigned to in SFDC - it's going to use the autoassignment rules there.
          For smart campaigns which are intended to sync leads to SFDC, you would need to write the assignment rules into each campaign.
          So in general, it's recommended to set that up in SFDC because there's not an equivalent of universal auto-assignment rules on the Marketo side.

          I hope that helps!

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            Takashi Ozeki
            Assignments in SFDC are still superior, IMO. Easier to scale.