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Using Programs in Nurture Engagement Programs

Question asked by e5c7f8d1090fb50825a696e281c612b583c5d241 on Nov 11, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2014 by Josh Hill
I am setting up our early stage engagement stream within our main engagement program. For this stream, they will receive different emails, but I've added product specific email programs to the stream that will allow for them to receive many different emails strictly related to a product they show interest in.

When I add these programs to the stream (there are 5), how do the these programs work within the stream in terms of order since they all are based off of a trigger? I would assume as long as they are a member of the Nurture program, if at any point they fit one of the triggers in the programs, they will receive those emails- then receive the remaining emails in the stream afterwards?

My next questions is, I want to use these product specific programs outside of my nurture engagement program as well. However, the programs have a set of triggers that would be the same whether they're in the engagement program or not. Would it be best to clone these programs and have one set specific for the engagement program, and then have another set specific for people who would enter the program outside of the nurture program? Then I could create a rule in the smart list that only people who are a member of engagement program X should receive the emails if they fit the trigger.

Any insight or feedback would be great! Also interested to hear from others who have used programs within a Nurture Engagement Stream before.