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    Can't get Unsubscribed Leads reported on

      EDIT: Sorted!

      (I was using a smart campaign to trigger the unsubscribe field change, rather than being changed by the form on the unsubscribe page)


      At some point, the previous marketing guys tried to implement a more advanced subscription centre, and so at the same time, deleted whatever was already existing.

      It turns out that we haven't been able to report on unsubscribes since, with the Program Dashboard looking awesome, with 0 unsubscribes - (or a handful based on feedback loops).

      However, this obvioulsly isn't true and we're missing out on valuable feedback that we should be able to easily report on through Marketo.

      I've tried to go back to basics, with a simple unsubscribe form (containing just an email address field), on a Marketo landing page - with the UnsubscribePage.html URL.

      Filling out the form, simply triggers a smart campaign, which changes the data value of 'Unsubscribed' from false to true.

      However - while leads are being unsubscribed from the smart campaign - there still isn't any reporting happening - with emails showing they've had 0 unsubscribes.

      I'm using the standard unsubscribe text from https://community.marketo.com/MarketoArticle?id=kA050000000L59WCAS

      Is there a magic trick to making unsubscribe reporting work?