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Send One Email or Alert to All Lead Owners in a Specific SFDC Campaign

Question asked by 13ff17bd7c3273c90884bacfc5602b7b26570c08 on Nov 11, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2014 by 13ff17bd7c3273c90884bacfc5602b7b26570c08
Hi everyone,

I'm looking to find a way to send an email to each rep on my sales team who is assigned a lead in Salesforce for a particular campaign.  The intended flow is as follows:

1. Lead list uploaded to Marketo
2. Leads synced to Salesforce and added to an SFDC campaign
3. Leads assigned to Sales reps in SFDC
4. Email sent via Marketo to only those reps who were assigned leads in that particular campaign

The reps should only get one email, which complicates the use of sending an alert, because it would send the rep 10 emails if they had 10 of their assigned leads synced to this campaign.

Is there any way to allow for this without having to type in the individual email addresses of all the lead owners each time I need this communication to go out?

Thank you for your help.