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Check a Box Using SOAP API

Question asked by Graham Dubow on Nov 7, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2014 by Graham Dubow
Hey all,

I am trying to update a lead record  in order to trigger a smart list which will automatically send an e-mail blast to the new sign up.

We have all the pieces in place but cannot seem to get the box "checked". We created a custom field called "Bootcamp Sign Up". When using the SOAP API how would I POST back to marketo in order for this field to be marked as "checked" in the lead database?

The field is set as a boolean value so we tried POST back the value "True" to the endpoint "bootcampsignup". This gave us the error message: 

Function ("bootcampsignup") is not a valid method for this service

Attached is also a screenshot of the check box in the lead database that we need to have checked. Any ideas would be great!