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    Migrating from Dynamics CRM to Salesforce

      I believe I have a higher overview on what to do with this change.

      1. We will have a new instance created in Marketo, copy the assets (those that can be copied) to the new Marketo Instance.
      2. Upload our lead data into Salesforce, where we want to see in both the CRM and MA platform.
      3. Sync Salesforce and Marketo.

      Has anyone done this in the past that can explain the steps that were taken? Thanks.
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          Hi Brenton,

          You will set up your new Marketo instance as you did the original - CNAMEs for email and landing page, new Munchkin code, etc. 

          You will then bring over:
          • your email and landing page templates with corrected references to the new CNAMEs
          • images and assets actively being used in emails and landing pages
          Any embedded forms on your website will need to be replaced with new ones after the Salesforce.com sync has been completed so you can include the correct field references.

          Depending on the types of things you want to bring over, you may consider engaging with Marketo services so that they can help you through the process. It is possible to import programs from one instance to another.
          Program copy is quite straight forward, you can get around the lead database by just exporting and importing lists. The big loss will be activity history on all leads, they would lose all history on past campaigns, website visits etc.

          As far as connecting with Salesforce.com, you will go through the same steps of identifying fields necessary for segmentation and allowing sync user access to those fields and sync down that information. Following that, you will need to recreate your Core Smart Lists and test your programs.
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            Thank You Lissette.

            I will probably have Marketo move everything to the new instance. Just want to make sure I'm not missing any important steps.