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    Form Fields

    Cassidy Gaertner
      Is there a way to skip a form field based on an answer from an earlier field.  For example we are looking to skip state field when a customer/prospect fills out a country outside of the US/Canada.  Other suggestions are welcome also.

      Thank you
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          Dory Viscogliosi
          Hi Cassidy, you can put conditional visibility on the field, so that it only appears if/when someone selects country as Canada or United States. There's a Marketo tutorial here.
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            Josh Hill
            Select the field you want to display based on the value of the OTHER field. Then choose Visibility in the lower right.

            You must insert ALL possible values into the top level first. For example, if I want US, Canada, and Australian states to appear when one of those countries is selected, I must put in the entire list to the Field Value box.

            THEN, I go into Visibility and do

            Choice 1: if Country IS United States, Show State = values
            Choice 2: if Country IS Australia, Show State = Values

            If you fail to do this, then the form won't work.