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Integrating Marketo with External Platforms using Non-Marketo API

Question asked by 784eac3f80f4558218a1bc8d002e942ccb22352c on Nov 5, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2014 by 53504
Hey guys, 

Currently working on a way to pass data from Marketo 2.0 Forms directly to our external SAAS products to start free trials for users in one step.

We are going to test using webhooks as one approach, but this requires using marketo back-end system to collect the data from the form, and then make the API call throught the webhook, but we are wondering if we cna bypass the webhook step and push the data straight from form submission to our product using a non-Marketo API, (our own function). 

The goal is to be able to collect contact and password data from lead on a Marketo form, and pass that data to an external SAAS platform as quick as absolutely possible, so that the platform tcan take that data and use it to start a new trial account. 

Any ideas here?