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A Stellar Month for Marketo Integrations

Question asked by Jane Truch on Nov 5, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2016 by 3227a228259f24f413c9041c2e83deac4ba90f15
The LaunchPoint technical team (Murtza and Travis) rocked in October, enabling the addition of six new Marketo Integrated solutions to the LaunchPoint ecosystem. The new integrations include:

Intercall – Intercall allows marketers to capture and push attendee data from webcasts and virtual environments into Marketo.

Madison Logic Lead Generation - The Direct Leads Product Suite enables marketers to run lead generation campaigns across a vast network of B2B publications.

Madison Logic Content Consumption Marketing - Content Consumption Monitoring (CCM) is a technology that monitors B2B content consumption  activities and aggregates this information into actionable behavioral intent information.

Socedo Inc. - Socedo helps you discover and connect with new social media leads and qualify them via customizable automated engagement.

Swrve - Swrve is a single, integrated platform for driving mobile engagement and monetization within mobile apps.

Yesware - Yesware allows salespeople to track and analyze email communications, and share their best templates across teams.

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