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      I have a form in one workspace, and I set a trigger to collect those who fill this form out. However, I am not referring to any particular member of a program or list, because this form will be distributed and any particular lead could fill it out.

      When I go to the landing page and fill out the form, and check to see that my name is added to the trigger for filling out the form, it is not. Is it because you need to refer to a member of a program or provide more clarity on the "who" other than "fills out form"?

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          Matt Stone
          I'm not totally sure I'm following you, but from the sound of it: you have a form that lives on a landing page that isn't connected to a specific program or list. You do have a trigger campaign listening for submissions to that form, but when you submitted the form, then checked the results of that trigger campaign, you didn't see yourself in it.

          To be sure it's set up correctly, you have the Fills Out Form trigger set with the appropriate form name, no filters, and the campaign is activated?