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    Smart Campaign for Submitted Form

    Susan Horridge
      I have a campaign where I’m sending an email that includes a link to a landing page with a form. In the Flow, I have:
      • Send Email
      • Change Program Status (Invited)
      • Add to SFDC Campaign (status Invited)
      I have another campaign to watch for the submitted forms. This is what I want to happen once a form is submitted:
      • Change person's Program Status to Meeting Requested
      • Change their SFDC Campaign Status to Meeting Requested
      • Assign the person to a specific SFDC queue
      Below is what my Submits Form Campaign looks like now. I honestly can’t remember where I got these steps from originally (I’ve used something similar successfully before) – I might’ve copied something from an online training example? It doesn’t make sense to me, particularly the Smart List triggers. I've probably just gotten lucky with it working in the past.


      I feel like every time I have to create a new program, there’s a slightly different requirement and I spends days trying to get it to work. Feeling frustrated and not too bright at the moment!
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          Hi Susan,

          I think in 2nd campaign, Smart List Added to SFDC Campaign is not required.

          Once email is sent out , status is Invited in SFDC and Marketo both and if anyone opens the email and fills out the form ( watch list), needs to get status changed in SFDC and Marketo : Meeting requested and lead should sync to SFDC ( i beleive, its default case in admin).

          So, Camaign must be like this:

          SMART LIST: ALL filter

          1. Anyone who fills out form ______
          2. Is a member of that particular program or campaign ( you created).


          1. Changes Program status to Meetings requested (Marketo)
          2. Change Status in SFDC to meeting Requested ( SFDC)
          3.  Sync Lead to SFDC
          4. Change Behavior Score +20 ( if you need, as shown in snapshot)

          I think, this wil serve the requirement you have.

          Please let me know..

          Thank you

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            Josh Hill
            Sonia is correct.

            Program Status handles the campaign status in SFDC as long as the Program is synced to that Campaign. Marketo will skip any Add to SFDC Campaign steps.

            For Fills Out Form, always add "On Page X" as a constraint or you risk bringing in leads from other programs. In this case, the Member of Program filter helps, but it is a best practice. Obviously, certain lifecycle campaigns would not need that constraint.
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              Hi Susan,

              Josh is right, do not miss the best practice. That is always a great help as that form could be used in some other program too.

              Thanks Josh for adding that.
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                Susan Horridge
                Sonia - Thank you. This is something I had tried yesterday, so it's good to know that my instincts are getting better. And after Josh's comment I realized the reason my test wasn't working is because I was using the constraint "Member of the Program" for Fills Out Form. That would've worked for the "real" campaign, but because I was testing off a seed list, it didn't. I switched the constraint to "On Page X" and all is good.

                Thanks again for the help!