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Smart Campaign for Submitted Form

Question asked by 7ed3d678e5c36c4ba6c89bdeaadce548202aaaf0 on Jan 21, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2015 by 7ed3d678e5c36c4ba6c89bdeaadce548202aaaf0
I have a campaign where I’m sending an email that includes a link to a landing page with a form. In the Flow, I have:
  • Send Email
  • Change Program Status (Invited)
  • Add to SFDC Campaign (status Invited)
I have another campaign to watch for the submitted forms. This is what I want to happen once a form is submitted:
  • Change person's Program Status to Meeting Requested
  • Change their SFDC Campaign Status to Meeting Requested
  • Assign the person to a specific SFDC queue
Below is what my Submits Form Campaign looks like now. I honestly can’t remember where I got these steps from originally (I’ve used something similar successfully before) – I might’ve copied something from an online training example? It doesn’t make sense to me, particularly the Smart List triggers. I've probably just gotten lucky with it working in the past.


I feel like every time I have to create a new program, there’s a slightly different requirement and I spends days trying to get it to work. Feeling frustrated and not too bright at the moment!