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    Cross-selling free resources by email in Marketo

      Our site offers free resources in the form of guides written by experts and technical writers. When someone downloads one they are asked to submit their email address, a simple lead capture method, through a Marketo form.

      We want to cross-sell our other guides that the lead has not seen/downloaded. This is proving incredibly difficult.

      In essence I want a simple way of serving dynamic emails to each lead with three content spots that serve any of our wide selection of guides that the lead has not already recieved. 

      So far all I can think of is a large and un-maintainable series of emails and a bulky smart campaign to acheive this goal. There has to be a simpler way, right?

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          Tara Petre
          You can always offer a second asset on the TYP or in the confirmation/Thank you for downloading email.  Do you record which assets have been downloaded via custom fields, or do you rely on program statuses to determine which assets have been accessed by each lead?  You can also rely on email blasts and filter out leads who have already accessed the document.

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            Edward Masson
            This is can be done with custom fields for content stamping and using segmentations to deliver dynamic content blocks within emails based on your data captured in custom fields.

            Using Marketo segmentations will help you serve the dynamic content blocks within your email to cross sell the next asset. But that is depended on captured data. Creating custom fields for your content themes, assets etc. and by running a few smart camapigns to stamp the custom field with data when an asset is downloaded. 

            If custom field is X add to segmentation X everything else gets Y

            Added the segmentation to an content block in you email, will show the next content you choose based on what was stamped, all others will be served with your default assets for empty custom field.

            Hope that makes sense.