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    RTP - Segment limit?

    Dory Viscogliosi
      Hey all, we recently signed a contract for RTP (Spark edition with extra DB room), and I was creating some segments and after 10 I got the following:


      I've searched high and low for information regarding a segments limit, but only found information about a 30 campaign limit. Does anyone else have any info on this?
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          I was told it was 30 by our implementation manager. However, I think they're also flexible about it, so I'd check with your implementation manager or sales rep to see about getting that limit increased.
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            David Mason
            I've heard multiple times: 20 Segmentations (pizzas), 100 Segments under each one (slices in each pizza). 
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              Dory Viscogliosi
              Thanks Drew and David.. David, I think that's correct for regular segmentations but this was for the segments under Real Time Personalization.  

              Drew, I spoke with them and 30 is correct, something is not set up correctly in our new instance. Since this is something that we're just diving into, do you have any magical words of wisdom that will keep me sane in this new project? :) Also, I really liked your piece on measuring the right things! 
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                Hi Dory,

                Sorry for the inconvenience, it seems like a simple misconfiguration in your RTP account settings.

                I have changed this configuration for your account and now the limit is 30 segments and calls to action.

                David, in RTP we define segments differently than how we do it in the Lead Management tool.

                We use segments to define specific target audiences you want to engage with (the "WHO") similar to smart campaigns in the Lead Management.

                Then, you can create a call to action (the "WHAT") which will be displayed once someone matches one of your target segments on your website.

                For more information about how to create RTP segments and campaign, check out our documentation on:

                Let me know if you need any further assistance.

                Yanir Calisar
                Tier3 Technical Lead