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Program best practices - Realistic Example

Question asked by 5a271c99ac96150fc8e3caa5b88fb4e44ad2d366 on Jan 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2015 by Josh Hill
Looking for best practices on program setup. I am aware of the demos and docs on marketo; however, they still leave questions. I have an example scenario below.

We have a trade show. We want to do the following marketing - not limited to:
  1. Tradeshow coming soon (email preexisting event opt-ins)
  2. Collect sign-ups at the TradeShow and online (excel and form: sign-up for notifications and promotions)
  3. Play to win at the TradeShow (email reminder e.g. last day to play)
  4. Thanks for visiting the TradeShow OR What you missed at the TradeShow
With this realistic example, should this be implemented as a single program or multiple programs? What would be a recommended structure e.g. email program, vs default program, vs tradeshow program vs engagement program? Thanks