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    Integration with custom CRM

      Has anyone here implemented a Marketo integration with a custom (internally developed) CRM? Is this possible? Would love to get some feedback from Marketo users. 



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          Josh Hill
          I have heard of this. I believe this is possible with the API. Check launchpoint - there are a couple of partners with connectors that would help.
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            This is definitely possible. Check out the developer documentation:
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              Takehiro Monday
              I recommend you think these questions.
              If your answers are all yes, it is possible.
              Q1. Which CRM's data(table/column) do you need to sync?
              Q2. How many leads do you have?
              Q3. How many events( need to sync) are happen per a day?
              Q4. Can you estimate API calls based on above and is it under API limits?

              Daily API Quota: 10,000 API calls (quota is reset daily at 12:00 AM CST)
              Rate Limit: 100 API calls in a 20 second window

              Q5. Do you have CRM's software design documents or someone knows?
                     You have to do sync execution carefully. But sometimes, it's blackbox system.