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Forms on Landing Pages

Question asked by 16151d51c94ff19c0b2bec0d3720237a40e8b982 on Jan 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2015 by c58c8f0a932da2279f35b0b41fed8d24a80e72aa
Forms 2.0 on a Marketo-downloaded template are not working on mobile devices. I realize Marketo doesn't have responsive landing pages, but it seems like the forms should not be exceeding the color box it is put on, even if it is opened on a mobile device. Even without being repsonsive all the assets should remain where they are. 

Some of the text also seems to become "scrunched" on the page when opened on a mobile device. Any custom CSS fixes or code fixes to help remedy this? 

I am using this template:

You'll notice that even the template has some messy text when opened on a mobile device.