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    Forms on Landing Pages

      Forms 2.0 on a Marketo-downloaded template are not working on mobile devices. I realize Marketo doesn't have responsive landing pages, but it seems like the forms should not be exceeding the color box it is put on, even if it is opened on a mobile device. Even without being repsonsive all the assets should remain where they are. 

      Some of the text also seems to become "scrunched" on the page when opened on a mobile device. Any custom CSS fixes or code fixes to help remedy this? 

      I am using this template: http://library.marketo.com/LP-BigEventv1_LP-BigEventv1.html

      You'll notice that even the template has some messy text when opened on a mobile device. 
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          Hi Leslie,

          Marketo form templates can be a doosy! The reason you are seeing a difference between the desktop and mobile views of the page are because the page is written using absolute positioning (css). 

          Generally, absolutely positioning elements is reserved for specific cases to control the content, and IMO as a web developer, should never be used to construct a page such as Marketo has.

          For solutions.. there is no easy answer unfortunately. The way Marketo templates are setup, you have to do some serious rejigging to make the template flow on mobile and desktop (probably easier to rewrite).