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Resending an Email to Non-Responders

Question asked by 7ed3d678e5c36c4ba6c89bdeaadce548202aaaf0 on Jan 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2015 by 7ed3d678e5c36c4ba6c89bdeaadce548202aaaf0
I will be sending an email to a large list over the next several days. I have created separate Smart Campaigns in order to break the list into chunks vs. sending all at once (from my research this appears to be the best way to accomplish this currently?). I have also created a Smart Campaign to listen for people who click a link in the email and they will receive a follow-up email after clicking.

I also want to resend the first email to anyone who didn't click on the link within 5 days. Can I set up another Smart Campaign as shown below to accomplish this? (I realize I should probably be using an Engagement Program to do all of this, but I need to get something out quickly and my experience is limited...)



It seems like this will work as long as each person can only go through the flow once, but I would love a sanity check... Thanks!