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BIRST Marketo data connector extract failing repeatedly

Question asked by 36652a212f56438330b7fc1e13c2b3e67c80233f on Jan 11, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2015 by 36652a212f56438330b7fc1e13c2b3e67c80233f

I have been trying to set up Marketo application connector and pull in sample of various objects into birst. I was able to connect and also bring in basic objects like Program and Program tags, but I am not able to get Lead object (which is close to 2M in all). I have tried multiple options like (reduced # of columns, lesser number of rows based on timestamp limitation etc). 

The process runs for day or more and even show that its pulling 150k+ leads and then suddenly fails. Since its failing at extraction, I dont see that staged data available for data processing either. Can anyone help please?


Are there any best practices that you guys use if you can provide as an outline? Any help is appreciated.