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    Adding code in Marketo LP's

       Hello Everyone,
      As a quick background, we signed up with a SEM firm that will be looking to optimize our online ad spend, and they are wanting us to add a pixel into our Marketo thank you (confirmation) landing pages that includes the unique lead ID of the lead that is converting.  Attached are the instructions for implementing the pixel along with the pixel they want us to use. 


      The big problem is that since we don't have Marketo and our CRM fully synced, that at the time the lead is filling out a form on our website and landing on a thank you landing page, we don't have a unique lead ID available yet.  That only happens afterward when the lead is passed to our CRM.  


      Instead of using the unique lead ID we were considering using the email address of the lead, and working on some way of encrypting the email address so that it is anonymous data.  

      Or would we be able to just use the HTML tool on the landing page editor to drag onto the landing page and then enter this piece of code there so that it is tracking?