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    Capping Lead Score at 100 Demo + Behaviour

    Natali Talevski
      Hi all,

      I want to set up a cap for my lead scoring where they cannot exceed 100 points.

      Our lead score is Demographic + Behavioural = Lead. I can cap anything to stay above 0 easily enough (If score < 0 then Lead = Demographic & Behavoural =0), but I'm having trouble setting it up the other way around.

      I can do Lead = 100 & Behavioural = 100, but then our lead score won't be the sum of demo + behaviour. Same as having if Lead > 100, Lead = 100.

      Any ideas?


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          Josh Hill
          You could try to do if lead score >= 100, then do nothing.

          If your scoring system is adding the same pts to both fields, the scores should be equal.

          Another thing you would need to do is add a campaign that says If Lead Score OR Behavior Score is above 100, then =100.
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            Natali Talevski
            Hi Josh,

            That is what I am currently doing, however the problem is that the Lead score is a sum of Behavioural and Demographic. This means that i can make the Behavioural and Lead score match, but it will not match when you add the Demographic score.

            As an example:

            * Lead has Demographic score = 10, Behavioural score = 70 for a total Lead score = 80
            * Lead submits a form and gets 30 behavioural points. Flow adds 30 to both Behavioural and Lead, so lead now has Demographic = 10, Behavioural = 100, Lead Score = 110
            * My score cap flow says if Lead > 100, then Behavioural = 100, Lead = 100. So now the lead has Demo = 10, Behavioural = 100, Lead = 100. The numbers no longer add up

            If the scores didn't have to add up, the above would work perfectly. But they need to add up so not sure how to create a flow step that would essentially say only add points up to 100. So in the above example, it would only add 20 of the 30 points to both Behavioural and Lead.

            The only other thing I can think of is to have a formula field that sums both fields automatically, but that would have to be in our SFDC instance rather than in Marketo.
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              Natali Talevski

              Jessica - I just ended up creating a trigger that runs every time the lead score exceeds 100 points. It resets both the behavioural and the lead scores to 100, and leaves demographic as is. I didn't end up bothering with getting it to sum.


              Grant - we just want our scores to sum. What's the point of having a lead score that is the sum of demographic and behavioural (which is a pretty stock-standard lead score logic) if they don't actually sum?


              In the end, our demographic only makes up a small portion of our total lead score (which is behavioural based), so I decided not to worry about it, as it doesn't cause any issues with the overall logic.

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