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    Implementing Engagement Campaigns

    Paul Tucker
      I need to begin a nurture program. I have the engagement template but could use some help procedurally with repsect to using it -- setting transition rules, determing content, determining who should continue and who should pause and how that is implemented... any suggestions on some procedural documentation that would help walk me thorugh this implementation so I can get started... I am looking for simple instructions to get me going. Once I have a basic, simplified engagement program, I can work on making it more robust...


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          Hi Paul,

          This is as much of a 'functional / strategic' 'marketing' question as much as 'technical how to implement in Marketo' question.

          Here are a few pointers which might generate some thoughts towards effectively engaging your target audience.
          1> Target segmentation
          Can the target audience be segmented in different groups?
          Like Pediatric dentists, vs orthodontist, general dentists etc?
          There might be different pain points or benefits your solution might have for each of these groups?
          2> Using the above, you may want to further develop your 'Buyer Persona' and 'Content / Messaging Framework'.
          What message at what time to which of the major type of audience will help.
          Based on the above 2 (and some more) considerations, you can define the 'Streams' in your engagement program.

          There can be multiple of these engagement programs. For example, you can also have another one based solely on the 'stage' in the marketing / sales funnel (Buyer journey So you can have multiple streams based on engagement level. In this case, you might have 'transition rules' moving the lead from one stream to other based on activity / lack of activity.

          Typically I suggest start with 3 - 4 streams in an engagement program. 
          Also, I typically add a 'default' 'control' stream to benchmark other stream performance.

          This is a vast topic but feel free to reach out...Hope this helps...

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            Paul Tucker
            Thanks, Rajesh. I appreciate the time you took to answer.  I have been working through the strategic part of this equation and I believe I have that point figured out -- our products are geared for eneral practitioners so I have segmented that group into 3 groups -- customers who do not purchase from us currently, customers who purchase competitive equipment but have bought from us 1 time, and customers who buy routinely from us but aren;t aware of all the products we supply.  With that said, I see three streams -- one for each of those target groups... 

            Now that I know that, I am defining the messages for the 3 to 5 emails that I will include in each of the three streams. So, I am down to implementation which is where the rubber meets the road and I have read many of the ebooks and cimmunity articles but they are very conceptual. What I am looking for is some instruction on HOW (best Practice) to see up the streams and use the transition rules. 

            Does such an online or ebook or tutorial exist that you are aware of?