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    Effeciency ideas on building a campaigns more quickly

      We’re looking at a way to streamline our processes

      Our current process (because of the demand of the clients(s)) we have a few campaigns a quarter. We setup an email using tables to define where content goes and landing templates using bootstrap (to make it slightly more dynamic and to define where content goes) and then to put content on to the landing page we use the ‘my tokens’ section of the program.

      It is a fairly simple process at the moment whereby we create a ‘default program’ then put the email and landing pages assets within the program.

      To create the email we simply copy and paste the translated text into a new email that sits within a new program and to create the landing page we populate the ‘my tokens’ section of a program content sometimes with custom HTML.

      The final part is the triggers in which we push tasks across to salesforce for the standard clicked,converted etc per program.

      Now my question is and I thought I would through this over to the community is there a way to speed up this process or is there elements of marketo that we are not fully utilising that could save us replicating effort to create the same campaign but in a different language.

      I’ve looked into trying to put translated copy into snippets however although called ‘dynamic content’ it does not seem to adjust all of the content automatically (please correct me if I’m wrong)

      I was hoping that with snippets you could just build one email and one landing page and then just paste translated copy into the snippet segmentation and then the data defines what content goes to what person.
      Another problem we’re facing is that we can’t use snippets in ‘my tokens’ section of the program which we use to put content in the landing pages (again correct me if I’m wrong)

      There are a couple of restrictions:
      We don’t receive the copy or the data all at the same time, but we get the master email and template agreed beforehand. The customer journey should be the same also. Just literally the same campaign in a different language
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          Josh Hill
          There are quite a few ways to manage multiple, repeatable Programs with languages. I can't describe it all here in detail, but do check out the dynamic content under University.
          1. Program Template: have a standard Program with prebuilt tokens, pages, emails, and flows that match your most typical setup. You can even setup dynamic content ahead of time.
          2. Tokens - no, you cannot make these dynamic, so in this case you'll have to place in several versions of tokens like "Webinar Details - EN"
          3. Dynamic Content on Pages and Emails - I would use this (Not Snippets) and you'll have to put in blocks of text for each language and use Segment by. This, of course, does require you to have the content ready before launching the campaign. it also requires a solid Segmentation by Language or Country Region.
          4. Snippets - these are meant for small, commonly used areas of an asset. Usually a footer or block of boilerplate text that might change based on State, Country, or Language. The best example is to modify the footer dynamically to put the right legal language for the target Country.
          5. Multple Programs - you may just have to have separate Program Templates for each language and then clone and update each one as the copy is ready. You can just use Tokens in this case.
          6. Naming - I would use Country or the language code in the Program name.