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    Embedded Form - onSubmit to open 2nd form in lightbox

      Hi -

      I am looking for anyone with JS knowledge that would know how to manipulate the embed code for Froms 2.0 to open an iframe in a lightbox when the MKTO "submit" button is clicked?

      Anyone tried something like this?  I have an embedded form on our site that when the submit button is clicked, I have a MKTO landing page with an additional small form that prefills the fields for validation and presents the user with an additional checkbox for T&C agreement. I would like for this landing page to be called into a lightbox feature as an iframe.

      I tried various tricks in the developers API area, but none of them work just right or as needed. This is a request from legal, or else I would just do the 'visibility' rule in Forms 2.0.

      Any insight would be greatly appreciated.