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How to identify highest score among several score fields?

Question asked by 7f3ecac12d2b6ee659f018b1204a6acb1e62bb2f on Jan 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2015 by 7f3ecac12d2b6ee659f018b1204a6acb1e62bb2f
We have several score fields to capture a user's affinity for product lines that are triggered when the user visits a web page specific to a product line. For example, visit a product line A page twice and a product line B page once, and product line A affinity score = 2 and product line B affinity score = 1. Is there a way to identify which affinity score is higher in order to segment? Ideally, we would use the highest affinity score field to display custom content for product line A, for this example, because the user's behavior indicates a greater interest in product line A over product line B.