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Asynchronous Form submission

Question asked by 62581 on Dec 29, 2014
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Hi Community!
I am switching out our forms on our website to using marketo forms (adding the embedd code to pages), 
here is our current architecture: a Multi Step form: 
  • Step 1:       
    • General Information (Email, Name, Phone, Zip) 
    • Asyncronus submit (Ajax) to Step 2 ----->
  • Step 2       
    • Specific information based on details given in step 1
    • Syncronus submission (POST) to a thank you page
Replacing this with marketo forms, i know that both steps have to be seperate forms, but can i still Asyncronusly submit to step 2? i havnt found any discussions around this or articles detailing it, but it seems like it would be a common request. 

Any Help would be REALLY appreciated!