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    External Form Fill Out

      We offer a free trial and I'd like to migrate the existing form over to a Marketo form. However, upon form submission the information is sent to our product and an account is created based on form information. How can I create a Marketo form that does the same?
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          Valerie Armstrong
          Hi Amy,

          A few months back, I was dealing with a similar situation (see my discussion here).  Though we would have prefered to use Forms 2.0, we decided to use a form that our product development team created with JavaScript that would send the data to our product then populate the data to our Marketo instance via the Marketo API.  In the end, it was a much easier to use their form than to build complicated data workflows in order for the Marketo form to submit data to our instance and our product. 
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            I just wanted to echo what Val said. We have a similar situation and are using the forms from the product team to collect all data. We've also built out some functionality in those forms to collect values like lead source and details from the url parameters and push that to Marketo through the API as well. That way we're still able to track our lead gen programs.
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              Jep Castelein
              Amy, we helped a client develop the following workflow: 
              • Marketo form on Marketo landing page filled out
              • Marketo uses Webhook to request login details from the product
              • Via a 'response mapping', the login details are saved in custom fields in Marketo
              • Marketo sends email to new user with the login information
              Note: they provided only had a temporary password, so Marketo is never storing the password entered by the user, which would be a privacy/security risk. 

              Note 2: the product needs to have a REST interface for account creation and return the login details via XML or JSON. Our client already had that service available, so it was easy to set up the above workflow.  

              The options mentioned by Val and Jace are absolutely valid too. It's probably more common than using a Marketo form. If you use their approach, it's important to also submit the Cookie ID to Marketo, so that you can track people who register via the product form. 
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                We have the same situation. So we have a form that is built in the product and sends to Salesforce with stamped Lead source information and then gets synced to Marketo. Since the LP is different for every form submission (unique login to the product), you could use a WebHook as Jep suggested but Im not confident in that flow. Plus - you have to get your product/engineering team to do some work.