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    Revenue Cycle Modeler - Assignment Rules

      Am I suppose to create a choice entry for each of my stages in the flow or can I just leave the default to my first entry stage and the modeler will know which stage each NEW individual is currently in based upon the smart list I created?

      Thanks for your help!

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          Josh Hill
          Hi Ian,

          I recommend doing the following in RCM:
          • transitions are just "Revenue Stage Changes" or "DVC Lifecycle Stage Changes"
          • setup a series of separate workflows in a Program in marketing activities to manage the transitions.
          • yes, you will have to say "If Lead Status Changes AND Lead Lifecycle Stage=MQL, then do X"
          • the flow will typicallybe Change Data Value=Lifecycle Stage to X then Change Revenue Stage to X.
          • we have all found that the RCM transitions to do not work super well on their own.
          If you need help, email me and I'll try to do so.