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    Add Last SFDC Campaign to Alert Email

    Nina Valtcheva
      I have set up an alert email to get sent to the lead owner whenever someone in a specified segment does a certain hand-raising activity (downloads whitepaper, attends event, etc.). In the alert email, I would like to include what was the last SFDC Campaign that the lead was added to that was tied to the hand-raising activity.

      What would be the best way to do this?

      I thought maybe creating a custom token for Last SFDC Campaign would work, but then it looks like I would first need to create a custom field and I'm not sure how to do that so it captures what the last SFDC Campaign was for each lead. Would it have to be created as a new field in SFDC too? I'm pretty new to both Marketo and SFDC so not quite sure how all of this works.

      Any suggestions on how to get the Last SFDC Campaign in an alert email would be very aprpeciated!

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          Josh Hill
          you could try dropping in

          Last Interesting Moment Desc

          which could be similar.

          Setting up a Last SFDC Campaign would really have to be done on the SFDC side as a trigger because there isn't a field for this. You would have to create a field, then a flow to run and check against each Campaign somehow. No guarantee this would produce the right result.
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            Nina Valtcheva
            Yes, I am using Last Interesting Moment Desc currently, but it's not working exactly as I would like it to. For example, we have an interesting moment if someone visits multiple webpages in one day, so if they download a whitepaper (interesting moment #1 - this is what we want on the alert) and then visit a couple more of our pages (intersting moment #2), it sends the alert email with that second interesting moment which is very vague:

            Last Interesting Moment Description: Visits Multiple Web Pages In One Day

            Thanks for the advice though! I'm working with our Sales Ops team to see other options.