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Acquisition Program as a token?

Question asked by e4088c2a9d6f2f1d74242df39e346657237b1043 on Apr 28, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2015 by 9ecdaf359254cd3cd332630d42606cdbbd8338cd
I was wondering if there was a way to attribute Acquisition Program to a token that you made a "hidden parameter" on your form. That way, in the flow, if someone fills out a form, and you can identify them as a new lead, you can change data value - attribute: acquisition program to new value: {{token}}.

Right now, it only chooses a specific program from the search.

The reason I want to be able to do this, is because I track my website process in its own program with a global form. I also made a global form for campaigns with its own program so I could separate my website conversions from my campaign conversions. If I could have a token that fills in the program I specify on my form in a hidden field, I can make sure that the right campaigns get the program attribution, and they are not all lumped together as "campaign-trials" as my acquistion program.

Basically what I am getting at, is I want to attribute my Acquisition Program to my Lead Source Detail, but it won't let me attribute to a/that token. If I can change data value to attribute programs outside of the specified programs you have to choose,  I should be able to use a token to attribute my program to whatever I define as my hidden parameter in my form as the Lead Source Detail.

This would give me better granularity into how I am aquiring people and make it easier within one program with a token.

Does this make sense? Can we already do something like this and I am over tired or would other people think this would be good to have??