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How to tell which smart campaign is being used in an engagement stream

Question asked by d07f00037c470975b804d9809eaa520f740ffc6d on Apr 21, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2015 by 65213
I have an Engagment Program with 2 streams and am using programs in the streams. In one case, we are using the same asset for both streams - but with 2 different emails and send campaigns. In other words - the same program goes in both streams but Smart Campaign A goes in Stream 1 and Smart Campaign B goes in Stream 2. For QA and troubleshooting purposes - and future ease of understanding what's there, is there a way to see which Smart Campaign is in the stream? I can only see the program name.

I know I could create 2 separate programs but it seemed simpler to set it up as one since they share several things: 1) a campaign that makes anyone who has consumed the asset through another channel a member of the program so that they don't receive it again, 2) an FE and 3) a landing page.