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Certification Exam Study Guide?

Question asked by Robb Barrett Expert on Apr 17, 2015
Latest reply on May 9, 2017 by Janet Dulsky
Just got back from the Summit where I took the certification exam and failed.  I took the practice exam that was distributed prior to the summit and aced it. Apparently those questions weren't on the real exam and the study material that was sent out didn't cover the stuff on the exam.

(Apparently I wasn't the only one. I talked to about 30 people who failed and 3 that passed. One guy had been certified for the past 3 years and failed.)

I know that you're allowing us to retake it for free in 2 weeks which is great because my company had to spend money on this and my failing is not going to sit well with my manager.

Can you distribute a study guide that covers what is on this year's exam?

Finally, why was the test so difficult?  It really required a photographic memory.  The questions asked were not questions I would say show expertise.  My favorite example is the question that asks the text on the button to add a new user: "Invite New User" or "Invite User" or "Add New User" or "Add User".  How does knowing the text on that button make me more of an expert than knowing where it is or what needs to be done to create a new user or role? 

I probably have 2,000 hours of real time Marketo use. I know how to use the APIs. I know how to use just about every aspect of Marketo. I would like to be recognized as an expert but the questions on that exam were about memorization of detail instead of functionality so I'd like a resource to help me study for the re-take.