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    Can Marketo professional services develop a custom report?

      We have a significant webinar program with hundreds of webinars scheduled through the end of the year.  We sell the program as an annual subscription with certification upon completion.   We are looking for a custom 'attended' report that we can run showing all leads that attended a group of webinars over a period of time.    Is this possible?
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          Josh Hill
          You do not need Marketo Consultants to do this.
          • RCE - you could run a report on all programs tagged as Webinar and Success=T and use Date of Membership or Data of Success as a column for historical needs.
          • Marketo Analytics - constrain the report to look at Webinar programs with people=Attended or Success. You could also do this with lead performance report's smart list area.
          • Smart Lists - if you just want the list of leads, this will be the fastest. You can adjust the view as needed. You may be able to subscribe to it soon.
          • If you wanted to look at individual lead's history, this will be harder to do. You might need to do some field work to get this data in the right way.