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Tracking Interesting Moments

Question asked by 9d286d6b9112d1223f9db15fda3fbae90cbf77fb on Apr 14, 2015

I am trying to track and store interesting moments. Is this possible? Here is the use case?

I want to be able to track what program pushed someone over the edge to make them become an MQL, and what program pushed them over the edge to become an SQL.

Ideally, I would like the last interesting moment that someone had before becoming an MQL/SQL (or the interesting moment that forced the trigger) to then flow into a field designated to store the data.

Is that generally the way to track MQL and SQL triggers? My challenge here is how can I marry triggers and trigger names into one field, or do I want to do that? And can I set the data field to happen only at specific moments (when a lead becomes SQL with the data that made them become an SQL)?