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    Limiting Scoring For Individual Programs

      Are there best practices for limiting the amount of engagement points someone can get for taking multiple actions within an individual program?

      For Example:

      Opens Webcast Invitation Email: +4
      Clicks Link in Webcast Invitation Email: +10
      Fills Out Webcast Form: +10
      Attends Webcast: +10

      This alone is 34 points

      I have blocked emails containing "Reminder", Thank You" and "Confirmation" from being counted to scoring because I was finding that the reminder emails were pushing people over the scoring threshold.

      I realize this is a difficult question to answer, but I'm wondering if 34 points is gernally "too much" for participating in one program (and taking the above actions). Does anyone put limits on the amount of points that can come from one program, and if so, how are you doing that?


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          Josh Hill
          Generally I do not score Clicks that highly. I do not score Opens either...or if I do, only +1

          Perhaps you need to adjust your threshold rather than worry about how many pts a program can collect. If I had a lead that engaged, I probably would want them to reach MQL, btw.

          at an operational level, you can do just what you did - exclude some kinds of emails from scoring. perfectly ok if that's what you want.
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            Kristen Malkovich

            I agree with Josh that perhaps your scoring is a bit high; if you're basing your scoring for MQL at 100 points, 34 points per program MIGHT be too much but it really depends on your buying cycle. If 3-4 program interactions qualifies them behaviorally, then this might be just enough. If not, then it's too much. It also depends on how you're using/applying demographic vs. behavioral lead scoring to push/qualify as MQL.


            Things to keep in mind:

            1) Scoring is something you should revisit quarterly (once it's worked out) but more frequently if its newer.

            2) Scoring can be done at the program level or at the system level. If your instance is newer/smaller, it might make sense to score within programs. This would allow you to run program performance reports, see the scores of the individuals within them and then decide how you might want to set up the scoring for your entire system

            3) There's no 'right' or 'wrong'! Just test and adjust.

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              Great answers here.


              My 2 cents is that you can play with the weights within each program and work with sales if you have questions. Run a few scenarios past them to see if leads that do x, y & z should be MQLs.


              At the Marketo level, you can also put in "run every x days" type logic that will make sure a single channel isn't hogging up all the points.

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