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    Email HTML Developer and Designer - Preferred Hotel & Resorts - Newport Beach CA

      Preferred Hotels & Resorts represents the finest and most diverse global portfolio of independent hotels and independent hotel experiences. Five distinctive collections allow one to craft their own inspirations as they travel the world in search of memories and new opportunities.

      Email HTML Developer and Designer

      About the Job

      The Email HTML Developer and Designer (EHDD) will be responsible for the design (or adaptation of existing design work) and programming of all forms of marketing e-communications. The role is design-centric with an estimated 20% of time allocated to creative work and 80% to programming. The workload will be comprised of recurring communications like:
      - brand newsletters
      - individual campaign/promotional emails
      - landing pages
      - banner ads
      The EHDD will be responsible for the on-time production, and programming of all electronic communications listed above.  All pieces will require a greater degree of individualized design.

      Location: Newport Beach, CA