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Remove People from Old Programs if Acquired by New Program

Question asked by c307deba798b330445182f8719c9a4c2695d2799 on Apr 8, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2015 by c307deba798b330445182f8719c9a4c2695d2799
I do not want any leads part of multiple programs. They are all meant to only ever be in one at a time. Each program, for specific reasons, has only one stream, so moving between streams isn't an option here.

For example, someone enters our New Leads Program for filling out a form on our website and starts to get sends from that stream. If they become a customer in SalesForce after this, they are meant to be removed from that program and entered instead into our Customer Program. Right now it seems that acquisition is happening just fine, but that lead never leave the New Lead Program.

How can I either 1) ensure that no lead is EVER in multiple progams, or 2) at least make sure that as a lead is acquired by a new program, they are taken out of any previous one.

I have it set right now to make sure they aren't already part of any programs when added to one, but that doesn't seem to be working right?

Member of Engagement Program: False - Program is any

Is that wrong? What else do I need to do to accomplish this goal. Thanks!