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    Skip email flow step

      Hi everyone,

      I have an engagement program and I wanted to know if there is a flow step that will push the leads into a certain point in the stream? Or if there was something that detect if the lead had seen that asset before and not send that particular email but then carry on in the stream?

      E.g "send email - choice - program is XYZ - do not send email XYZ" or something along those lines.

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          Olivia, one feature of Engagement Programs is that as long as you are using the exact same email asset (clones aren't the same asset) that you might have sent previously, then Marketo knows not to re-send that asset to a person and it will skip to the next asset.

          If you're using programs within engagement programs you just need to make sure that someone is a member of the program, and then that program will be skipped and they will be eligible for the next program.
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            Dan Stevens
            In addtion to what Dory stated, since our email programs (regular programs, not a Marketo Email Program) within an EP are separate from our website programs (where we track engagement with the content on our websitew) - and therefore cannot rely solely on program membership), we create filters within the EP programs that specifically state that if a user has downloaded the content that is associated with this EP cast, then don't send.  Instead, they'll skip to the next available email within the stream. 
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              Thank you both for your helpful answers. 

              Dan, what you are describing is what I am looking to do! I'm a complete novice with engagement programs, are you able to do a screen shot of an example of the programs within the EP?

              Here's a little more insight to what I'm trying to achieve. Our e-books, infographics ect are freely downloadable from our website or certain ads, but they are also in our enagagement program. So I don't want someone to come in to our EP and receive the same thing they have already downloaded. 
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                Dan Stevens
                Here's an example of one of the streams in an EP that consists of four emails:


                While the EP logic will ensure no lead receives an email if a lead is already a member of a program, we still need to include additional logic in the smart campaign to also filter out users who have downloaded the content as part of another Marketo program outside of the EP.  Let's take the "CIMO Report" as an example.  We have a separate program that tracks users who download this report from our website.  Therefore we include this filter in the smart campaign that sends out this email within the EP:


                Just know that this will only work for KNOWN users.  So unless you're able to identify a cookied user who has downloaded your free content, there's no way to prevent them from receiving an email in an EP that relates to that content.
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                  Thats fantastic Dan, thank you so much for sharing this with me. Sorry I do have one more question.
                  In the programs (within the EP) I take it they are set up like normal programs. For instance they have a smart campaign, email ect? How would you schedule the smart campaign?

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                    Dan Stevens
                    Olivia, yes they are setup just like regular programs (which is why we use them instead of emails - specifically for tracking program status/success within each; and supporting our detailed reporting in RCE) - with two key differences:
                    • The "send email" smart campaign must include a "member of engagement program" filter
                    • Nothing is done with the "Schedule" tab - just ignore it - the Engagement Program takes care of this automatically.



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                      Thanks Dan! You've been incredibly helpful :)