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Change Which Contact a Marketo Lead is Synced To

Question asked by 5b8e55335f537af59b2affe724d23884da382c8e on May 7, 2015
Latest reply on May 7, 2015 by Josh Hill
Hi Everyone,

Ok so we have an odd implementation of salesforce where we create contacts first and then convert them to leads...

I am trying to create contacts directly through the rest api which is working but then the contact I create is not associated to the marketo lead that ran through the folow step to trigger the webhook.  What I am wondering is does anyone know a way to change the relationship of which marketo lead syncs with which contact record in SFDC? 

How does marketo know which lead to switch with which record to begin with is this done through the field SFDC ID?   If I try to change that field it doesnt let me maybe because I dont have permission for my marketo user to access that field but if I do make that change I want to have an idea if its going to work.

My thoughts are create the contact, set the marketo leads SFDC ID field to the contact I created, and then on the next sync it should all be tied together correctly does that make sense?